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What If the SEC Approves an ETF for Bitcoin?

The crypto community is chomping at the bit for the SEC to approve an ETF for Bitcoin, and rightly so. For the uninitiated, an ETF (exchange traded fund) is a common investment vehicle, an index fund which tracks various stock market indexes and trades like stocks.

Podcast: Matthew Sullivan Answers the Tough Questions on the Intelligent Investor

In this episode, the Eric Schleien and co-host Radu Bolohan interview Matthew Sullivan, the CEO & Founder of QuantmRE, which seeks to disrupt the real estate industry by putting it on the blockchain. Says the host, “I don’t believe I’ve ever been so tough on a guest. Radu & I asked Matthew some tough questions and to say we poked at him would be an understatement!”

Podcast: QuantmRE on Mortgage Marketing Expert

The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple, to help mortgage professionals build their business and do mortgage marketing better. Top mortgage industry experts share useful content and tips that originators and managers can use to build a more effective and efficient business.

QuantmRE: A New Way to Invest in Real Estate

It’s true: everywhere you look, there are articles about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. QuantmRE hopes to disrupt real estate investment by using both of those technologies to their advantage. The company recently launched a solution for equity freedom. The...

Matthew Sullivan on CryptoDaily News Episode 40

This special episode features an interview with QuantmRE, CEO & Founder Matthew Sullivan, who discusses what’s happening with businesses on the blockchain, and the current state of Cryptocurrency.