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For digital asset exchanges, regulation will be good for business

Digital asset exchanges that use blockchain technology are looking at regulation as the next step to market growth. There are a number of exchanges that are developing their technologies to enable traditional assets such as bonds, venture capital, real estate and art to be tokenized and traded in a way that is compliant with local securities regulations.

Why blockchain will drive the real-estate revolution

Advances in blockchain innovation mean that the real estate sector no longer needs to rely on dusty documents and traditional sales processes, because property titles, insurance, ownership transfer and escrow processes are all moving onto the blockchain.

STOs: the natural evolution of ICOs

The tokenization of assets and securities and the creation of regulated trading exchanges built on the Blockchain will have a significant impact on the securities market, delivering a quantum leap in speed, efficiency and cost reduction. Think of it in terms of the impact that the internet and email had on the world of traditional communications.

QuantmRe Launches Security Token Backed by Property Assets

QuantmRe, which operates a blockchain-based real estate trading platform, announced on Tuesday the launch of the EQRE security token, which allows qualified investors to get exposure to fractional equity interests that focus on US residential properties.

Crypto traders have their sights set on intrinsic value

Cryptocurrencies are set to play a much larger role in the financial services sector partly due to the massive growth in investor interest, but also because new developments in tokenization are offering crypto traders the chance to diversify their holdings and invest in tangible assets.

Podcast: Matthew Sullivan on Chain of Wealth

In traditional housing, you’ll apply for a home loan from the bank and based on your credit profile and down payment the bank will lend you money. How is crypto disrupting this space? Denis O’Brien & Katie Welsh interview Matthew Sullivan.