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QuantmRE in the news! 🚀

Matthew Sullivan, QuantmRE's CEO, was quoted extensively in a recent article discussing the growth of Home Equity Agreements, and how they can be an attractive alternative to debt-based options for homeowners looking to unlock a portion of their home’s equity and gain...

Crypto ETFs: Taking the Long View

Lack of clear regulatory guidelines and the uncertainty it brings has delayed the development of the crypto industry. This is particularly evident when we look at the challenges faced by firms looking to list exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on the traded price of bitcoin.

Real Estate Security Token “Factor-805” Released, Brings DAI to Digital Securities

It’s commonly been said that the security token sector will first impact the real estate space. After all, we’ve had security tokens represent real estate assets before. Securitize, for example, has been focused on tokenizing some $1 billion of real estate assets; other companies, like QuantmRE are looking to create their own security tokens tied to fractionalized interest in real estate.