A QuantmRE Home Equity Contract is not a loan or a reverse mortgage. As a homeowner, you do not bear the typically high costs associated with a reverse mortgage, nor do you have to be 62 years or older (our Home Equity Contracts are available to all qualified property owners regardless of age). QuantmRE pays you for a share of the current value and potential future appreciation (or depreciation) of your home, and records a lien on the property as evidence of the transaction. However, since a Home Equity Contract is not a loan on the property, there is no accruing interest building up. QuantmRE is now a partner with the homeowner, participating in either the upside appreciation of the property, or the downside depreciation according to the terms of the agreement. When the property is eventually sold, QuantmRE will be paid back its original investment plus its agreed share of the appreciation/depreciation in the value of the property.