SANTA MONICA, CA, March 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantm Real Estate (QuantmRE) today announced the first decentralized residential real estate marketplace designed to allow ordinary people to buy into and benefit from a previously untapped sector of the U.S. residential real estate market. The QuantmRE Network will provide a platform for the primary issuance and secondary trading of investment-grade tokens backed by fractional equity interests in single-family residences in the U.S., giving the average person entry to a unique class of property investment opportunities, and new and seasoned cryptocurrency holders an opportunity to invest in tokens with lower market volatility.

Typically, the largest personal asset and investment for households is their home. Until now, the only way to access the equity built up in a home has been to borrow against it, increasing the level of debt against the property and incurring a monthly payment. QuantmRE’s next-generation structure for the industry enables homeowners to unlock this ‘dead’ money without taking on this additional debt.

QuantmRE effectively buys a small part of the member’s home equity in a shared equity transaction. For investors and token-holders, QuantmRE will provide the first real estate asset-backed token whose value is supported by a distributed network of these equity interests in residential, owner-occupied homes. For homeowners, it offers the prospect of releasing cash for their equity without increasing their burden of debt.

“Having to borrow from a bank simply to access the wealth that you have built up in your home is deeply unsatisfactory,” said Matthew Sullivan, CEO and Founder of QuantmRE. “Our ability to digitize the value of a homeowner’s equity and realize the locked-up value will solve a huge problem for homeowners worldwide. It’s time for people to be able to access more affordable homeownership options, flexibility, and less financial risk.”

For members of the QuantmRE Network, the market opportunity for a tradable token linked to a pool of fractional equity interests cannot be underestimated. Within the U.S., single-family residential housing represents a $31.8 trillion asset class, and globally, the market size exceeds $168.5 trillion.

“QuantmRE’s tokenized real estate asset structure solves a problem at the heart of current investment barriers and housing issues,” said Emily Bush, blockchain and real estate investor and advisor to QuantmRE. “By giving homeowners access to the equity capital in their homes without taking on more debt, the QuantmRE Network is enabling people to maximize the returns from the biggest investment they are likely to make in their life. By unlocking the value in home equity, QuantmRE is creating wealth, encouraging and promoting savings and enabling investors around the world to participate in a previously untapped real estate asset class.”

QuantmRE’s investment tokens will be backed by an ever-expanding pool of real estate assets, making their investment token a viable option for people who want to be passive real estate investors and avoid having to deal with “tenants, toilets and trash.”

“The Quantm Real Estate team is democratizing real estate equity for homeowners by giving them a liquidity option other than debt, along with an on-ramp to cryptocurrency,” said Tim Sanders, New York Times bestselling author, technology pioneer and advisor to QuantmRE. “This is the best team with the legal and battle-tested experience to provide opportunities that were once never imaginable to homeowners and average investors, as well as cryptocurrency holders, and I look forward to helping them achieve their full potential.”

QuantmRE’s team is seasoned in real estate, blockchain technology, crowdfunding, and fund management and strategies. Their real estate fund management team hold decades of experience and has syndicated over $500M in commercial debt and fractional equity transactions in the past five years. Their other advisors include David Moss, Founder and CEO of and Enzo Villani, Chairman of Millennium Blockchain.
More information on QuantmRE’s Network can be found in their white paper.

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Quantm Real Estate (QuantmRE) is the network for a membership-based real estate marketplace built on blockchain technology facilitating the primary issuance and secondary trading of investment tokens backed by fractional equity interests in single-family residences. The QuantmRE Network buys a small part of its members’ home equity in a shared equity transaction. The vision behind QuantmRE is for people to digitize the value of their homes and allow people around the world buy into and benefit from previously inaccessible real estate markets by creating investment-grade tokens backed by unique real estate assets. For more information, visit, contact us at or join us on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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