I’m excited to announce our strategic partnership with California-based evNation. We will now be offering our Home Equity Agreement debt-free financing solution to evNation’s customers, enabling them to maximize their savings and switch to a fully electric life with no monthly payments and without having to take on another mortgage or loan.

Traditionally, funding the purchase of a solar installation has meant the homeowner has to qualify for and enter a long lease agreement with monthly payments, or take on a second mortgage or other loan. By partnering with QuantmRE, evNation is now able to offer QuantmRE’s alternative, debt-free financing solution – the Home Equity Agreement.

QuantmRE’s Home Equity Agreements give the homeowner a lump sum in exchange for a share of the future value of the property. With a Home Equity Agreement, there are no monthly payments and there is no added debt. evNation’s customers can use the funds they get from a Home Equity Agreement for their new solar installation, and because there are no monthly payments their electricity bill, and the reliability problems of the electrical grid, can be virtually eliminated.

We’re excited to be working with evNation and anticipate that the partnership will bring a significant increase in high-quality dealflow to our Home Equity Agreement originations team. In addition, we believe Home Equity Agreements are a potential financing game-changer for the solar industry, so watch this space!

Here’s a link to the full press release and an interesting article in PV Magazine about our partnership.