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Matthew Sullivan: In-Demand Blockchain Thought Leader


Security Token Academy: QuantmRE on Security Token Insight


Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE, joins Security Token Academy hosts Amy Wan and Adam Chapnick to discuss the company’s security token offering (STO).

QuantmRE Investor Explainer Video


Security Token Academy: QuantmRE on Fractional Equity Ownership


How can you unlock equity in your home without taking on more debt? Learn about fractional equity ownership from Matthew Sullivan, founder & CEO of QuantmRE.

How the QuantmRE Platform Works for Homeowners: Video


Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE, shows how the QuantmRE platform works for homeowners looking for equity freedom.

How the Active Portfolio Works for Real Estate Investors: Video


See how the QuantmRE platform’s Active Portfolio enables investors to buy, sell and trade tokenized real estate assets. A guided tour by Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE.

Security Token Academy 2018 Video: The Future of Security Tokens

John Livesay, Co-founder and CMO of QuantmRE interviewed on the future of security tokens at Security Token Academy 2018.

Cheddar TV Interview: How Blockchain Can Erase Debt for Homeowners

Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE, was interviewed on Cheddar about how real estate on the blockchain can help homeowners can get equity freedom.

Matthew Sullivan on CryptoDaily News Episode 40

This special episode features an interview with QuantmRE, CEO & Founder Matthew Sullivan, who discusses what’s happening with businesses on the blockchain, and the current state of Cryptocurrency.
From CryptoDaily News

Blockchain Weekly: Stable Coins and Why the Blockchain Needs Them

Matthew Sullivan, QuantmRE CEO, Rebecca Rachmany, DAO Leadership Founder, and Kain Warwick, Havven Founder and Blueshyft CEO appear on Blockchain Weekly to discuss Stable Coins and their role in the future of Blockchain technology.

Podcast: Blockchain Micro Investment Real Estate with Matthew Sullivan

The world of cryptocurrency is undeniably one that is hard to crack. When we think about it, we immediately think of Bitcoin and the frenzy around its value. Proving how cryptocurrency is far more beyond that, CEO of QuantmRE Matthew Sullivan has found an appreciation of the actual blockchain technology behind it and merged it into real estate.